When Making a Bid in Live Auction

Probably you are all set to make a bid online in some live auction after going through a thorough research. Also you might have completed all of your research work and furthermore you have also completed your registration process as well. Likewise you might have got the answers of all the appropriate questions and you just know the right amount to bid. But yet you might still be confused about the right way to place your live bid.

#Preparing Calendar and Login

Probably it might look usual however there are loads of people who forget about the schedule of the auction or be baffled regarding the day. You need to be online all through the live auction till an absentee bid is submitted.

Generally, prior to the starting date of the auction, the auction sites possesses the countdown that displays the remaining time to kick off the auction. You need to click the button to get into the auction as soon as the auction kicks off.

#Live Auction Screen Navigation

You will notice a new window that features the live auction. A video or an audio related with the event will also be featured in the window but this will depend upon the seller. The most important thing is that a couple of columns will be displayed that will indicate you about the ongoing events.

You will see a column displaying an image and/or description regarding the item. Upon clicking that item, you will be navigated to a new window that leads you to the entry of that item in the online auction catalog. One column will show an image and/or description of the item. If you click on the item, a new window will open and take you to that item's entry in the online auction catalog. You can check this out in online jewelry auction.

Likewise you will also see another column that displays the status of the ongoing bid. In case an in-person bid is placed by a bidder then a notification stating “floor” will be displayed to represent auction floor. The bid placed by any bidder through online will be marked by using their username.

Likewise you will also notice status messages on the screen along with the messages delivered by the auctioneer that are different to the ongoing or asking bid. Let’s make it clear with the help of an example: as soon as a lot kicks off for the bidding a message will be displayed and the same will happen when the auction is closed. At time the auctioneers will inquire about other bids as well.

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